Red Carpet Beauty Tricks

by Lindsay on February 19, 2013

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Red Carpet Beauty Tricks // Belle Belle Beauty

This morning, I’ll be over on Fox 23′s Great Day Green Country to talk beauty again – eek! I think this is my seventh appearance. This time, in honor of awards season, I’m sharing some red carpet beauty tricks. There are lots of treasures in your beauty closet (and laundry room) that can handle quick fixes for any beauty emergency or help you put your best foot forward at a big event. Hope you can tune in for those in the Tulsa area. And I will post the replay as soon as it is live.

Red Carpet Beauty Tricks // Belle Belle Beauty

1. I think Visine is as important as a great foundation for big events. Not only do the drops add a sparkle to your eyes which sets photographs apart. It also works beautifully to take the red out of a blemish. It works instantly by constricting blood vessels. The effect is temporary so you might want to throw this in your purse.

Red Carpet Beauty Tricks // Belle Belle Beauty

2. For another pimple remedy, try regular old toothpaste as a spot treatment overnight. The formula can dry out the area, prepping it for concealer at the big event.

Red Carpet Beauty Tricks // Belle Belle Beauty

3. I have a really hard time getting my manicures to last. The culprit is usually painting over natural oils in my nail bed, making the polish peel and bubble. To prep nails, soak the tips of your fingers in lemon juice and water (I use a ratio of 1:4) to soften cuticles and remove those pesky oils. This also helps remove stains from a dark polish – comes in very handy on the toes during the summer when you want to change from bold red to pale pink.

Red Carpet Beauty Tricks // Belle Belle Beauty

4. For a quick, albiet temporary, tightening effect, use your cellulite or eye cream on the jaw line. The active ingredients will firm up skin and minimize the appearance of a double chin in photos. Just make sure you spot test on the delicate skin before slathering it on.

Red Carpet Beauty Tricks // Belle Belle Beauty

5. After all that primping and fussing, my hair can often be on the frizzy side. While I love the hairspray on the brush technique, sometimes you don’t want any additional product or to interfere with a coif. An unscented dryer sheet will eliminate frizz and static just by rubbing it lightly on your strands. And one sheet fits in any evening clutch.

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