Lustful Luxury Friday: Joya Âmes Sœurs Solid Perfume

by Lindsay on May 24, 2013

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Lustful Luxury Friday: Joya Âmes Sœurs Solid Perfume // Belle Belle Beauty

Welcome to the first of a new series on Belle Belle! Every Friday, I will be featuring a truly luxury item that is lust worthy. Today, I am shopping at my newest favorite beauty mecca, Net-a-Porter, where so many of these cult items can be found. Today’s is a solid perfume that will have you swooning.

A touch mysterious, this vintage-style solid perfume is poured into a porcelain cast and topped with a 24-karat gold lid. Sold yet? Scent Âmes Sœurs (of Soul Mates in French) is made from Natural Jojoba Oil and Carnauba wax fragrance and hand-poured at the Joya Studio in New York City. The notes of Orange Blossom, Incense, Smoke and Musk are decidedly sensual yet masculine.

Seriously limited edition, this fragrance is limited to 15 units. Get yours here.

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