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by Lindsay on February 24, 2016

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I read yesterday that spring is only 25 days away. What? I know most of you are reveling in the arrival of warmer weather. But I feel cheated. Last weekend is was 85 here in Tulsa. This coming weekend it is supposed to be 75. Not only am I not ready for those warm temps (my A/C went out last weekend – grrrrr), but as an allergy sufferer, I know that things might get really bad since we didn’t have a proper freeze here this year (double grrrr). Hopefully one more cold snap before flowers bloom. But in the case that doesn’t happen, I will be working to emulate this awesome in-between-season outfit above.

Some finds from around the web:

Awesome iPhone photo tips.

Who knew my favorite new sneaker designer also makes my dream biker jacket?

Another beauty spending post from Emily.

Favorites from shopping around the web:

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