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Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual

October 8, 2015 bath and body

I decided to take today off from work to be with my two puppies (sidenote: they are almost six years old but will always be my puppies). They had their annual teeth cleaning yesterday – which I know might sound ridiculous to some of you. But my rescues genetically ended up with terrible teeth and gums so we […]

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Stephanie Johnson Fall

September 28, 2015 bath and body

It is rare that I can say I favor only one brand, but when it comes to makeup bags, Stephanie Johnson is it for me. They are fashionable, durable and so functional! And there is no better time than today to stock up. Due to a move and resulting space constraints, they are unloading some […]

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HUM Nutrition Runway Ready Supplements

September 25, 2015 bath and body

Between some travel and summer fun (plus pure laziness), I had fallen down on my vitamin routine. And my hair and nails were showing the damage. My locks were not quite as lustrous. And my nails, frankly, were weaker than their usual strong selves. So I incorporated HUM Nutrition’s Runway Ready formula along with a pre-natal […]

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FLOWER Body Mists

September 8, 2015 bath and body

I certainly don’t shy away from drugstore beauty. In fact, trolling the aisles of CVS is a pure joy to me. But one of my favorite budget beauty buys is actually from Wal-Mart. Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER Beauty has consistently surprised me with quality. Her latest foray is in to the bath and body department with […]

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Soap & Paper Factory Farmacie Moisturizing Hand Cream

August 28, 2015 bath and body

I’ve always been intrigued with Soap & Paper products – can the brand name be any cooler? It just sounds like it would look fabulous on my vanity. I have finally had a chance to try out a couple products and they do not disappoint. The vintage packaging and all-natural scents are a joy to […]

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Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Moisturizer

August 25, 2015 bath and body

This week is nuts! I think the moment school starts again, the whole world speeds up a little bit. So apologies for the quick post. Just wanted to share my favorite late-summer body lotion with you today. If you’re like me, you didn’t have a chance to get to a beach this summer. But Mountain Ocean […]

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