Sisley-Paris Phyto-Lip and Phyto-Eye Twists

May 12, 2015 eyes

Sisley-Paris’ Twists are luxury, creamy packages of on-to-go beauty. The Phyto-Lip Twists have been in my rotation before, but I had yet to try the Phyto-Eye Twists. And they are a great addition to the collection. Both formulas glide on skin and are packed with plant-based skin care ingredients. You can use for full on […]

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Running Late!

May 7, 2015 eyes

Thanks to an infatuation with and current re-watching of the 1983 WWII mini-series, Winds of War, I stayed up WAY too late last night. As a result, I slept right through all the severe weather last night. Tulsa was spared but those affected in Oklahoma City and elsewhere are in my prayers. I also woke […]

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ULTA’s Lorac Dazzling Dozen 2 Eye Shadow Collection

March 31, 2015 eyes

A little follow up from this post announcing the start of ULTA‘s twice yearly 21 Days of Beauty – I will be sharing some of my favorite products from the prize pack I am giving away below over the next couple of days. While I have always liked LORAC, it isn’t a brand that is […]

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NARS Spring 2015

March 21, 2015 eyes

I am way not on the ball when it comes to NARS Spring – so unlike me! Their launches are usually among the ones that I am most excited for probably because it is always so darn good. And somehow I didn’t get this up until today – a couple weeks after it hit shelves. […]

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Self Care Step Two: Morning Makeup Routine

February 15, 2015 eyes
Thumbnail image for Self Care Step Two: Morning Makeup Routine

I’ll keep this fairly short and sweet seeing as I am a person who prefers more brief blog posts and articles: these are the steps I take when I haul ass get ready in the mornings before work (sometimes I will step out of the box with bolder shades on evenings out with the girls). […]

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Holiday Gifting: Affordable Beauty From FLOWER

December 10, 2014 bath and body
Thumbnail image for Holiday Gifting: Affordable Beauty From FLOWER

I remember hearing about Drew Barrymore’s new makeup line when it first came out. Lucky for me, I had met the makeup artist who Drew worked with developing the line and was able to get info from her about the new products. One thing that resonated was that she truly believed and emphasized that this […]

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