ULTA’s Lorac Dazzling Dozen 2 Eye Shadow Collection

March 31, 2015 eyes

A little follow up from this post announcing the start of ULTA‘s twice yearly 21 Days of Beauty – I will be sharing some of my favorite products from the prize pack I am giving away below over the next couple of days. While I have always liked LORAC, it isn’t a brand that is […]

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NARS Spring 2015

March 21, 2015 eyes

I am way not on the ball when it comes to NARS Spring – so unlike me! Their launches are usually among the ones that I am most excited for probably because it is always so darn good. And somehow I didn’t get this up until today – a couple weeks after it hit shelves. […]

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Self Care Step Two: Morning Makeup Routine

February 15, 2015 eyes
Thumbnail image for Self Care Step Two: Morning Makeup Routine

I’ll keep this fairly short and sweet seeing as I am a person who prefers more brief blog posts and articles: these are the steps I take when I haul ass get ready in the mornings before work (sometimes I will step out of the box with bolder shades on evenings out with the girls). […]

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