NARSissist L’amour Toujours Eyeshadow Palette

December 31, 2015 eyes

While I haven’t splurged on much new makeup this holiday season, looks like things might turn around for spring. Because I’ve been taking a sneak peek at the new NARS Spring and the seasonal shades are just perfect. First up is an epic palette full of shadows that are delectable. Just to tell you how much […]

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Stowaway Cosmetics

December 4, 2015 eyes

While I’ve had my eye on Stowaway Cosmetics for a couple months, looks like I picked the perfect time to dive in. Absolutely love their sets for gifting. First, their daily essentials have chic, smaller and minimalist packaging. My favorite part is that you can actually finish the products before they go bad. No more crusty mascara and dried […]

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skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

November 22, 2015 eyes

I just completed one of the most exhausting and draining weeks of my professional life. And it was great. Fun, educational and adventurous. But the exhaustion showed and my under eyes were a mess. Thank goodness I had skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels on hand. I had a dry and wrinkled mess AND puffiness […]

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Easy & Healthy Glow

September 22, 2015 eyes

I’m fresh off a fabulous trip to Napa Valley which I also like to call my “Happy Place”. There is literally no other place I’d rather be. While a part of it is wonderful wine, I am just as invigorated by great produce, long walks through the vineyards, delicious coffee and (most importantly) seeing my […]

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September 11, 2015 eyes

It is another Friday so time for another palette. And this one is hot off the presses. I haven’t covered a Lancôme product in a while, but I’ve always had respect for this subtle and Parisian line. The latest release is making quite the splash. Likely because it is the most comprehensive and fun-to-use eyeshadow […]

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Urban Decay NAKED Smoky

September 4, 2015 eyes

NAKED Smokey has been on shelves for a while now, but I would be remiss not to note this addition to the NAKED collection from Urban Decay. These palettes have been legendary. And I admit to owning all but the newest one. For some reason, this iteration hasn’t tempted me. But now after learning what I […]

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