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Brand Spotlight: Focus Hair Care

Brand Spotlight: Focus Hair Care on Belle Belle Beauty

Every once and a while, I find a niche beauty brand that really blows my socks off. Major heads-up to those dealing with thinning hair. Honestly, the ugly truth from me is that not only do I suffer from breakage and thinning hair thanks to years of wearing buns but I also suffer from dry scalp. Gross. While I have found shampoos and conditioners that can heal dry ends, they leave my hair flat. Other shampoos heal my scalp, but leave my hair straw-like. Leave it to a company using ingredients from Mother Nature to find something that does it all.

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The Best Dry Shampoos On FOX23’s Great Day Green Country

The Best Dry Shampoos On FOX23's Great Day Green Country on Belle Belle Beauty

I absolutely love getting a professional blow out (more on my new favorite place in Tulsa tomorrow on the blog)… to the point that it almost pains me to have to wash out all that beauty. But thanks to a huge influx of amazing dry shampoos lately, we have tons of options to eek out a couple extra days of the perfect style. This morning, I’ll be back on FOX23’s Great Day Green Country chatting about my five current favorite dry shampoos (see segment below).

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Miranda Kerr is The New Face (and Hair) For CLEAR SCALP & HAIR

Miranda Kerr is The New Face (and Hair) For CLEAR SCALP & HAIR on Belle Belle Beauty

When it comes to hair, I will always be behind treating strands and the scalp. That is exactly the approach that drugstore brand CLEAR SCALP & HAIR takes with their line of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. This week, they announced that the beautiful Miranda Kerr will be replacing Heidi Klum as spokesperson.

You have to admit, she does have a great head of hair (and impeccable style to match). Kerr will star in a national advertising campaign appearing on TV, in print and on digital properties this month. Also this month, CLEAR is launching two new products. A little more info about the NEW Intense Hydration range hitting the shelves:

  • NEW CLEAR SCALP & HAIR Hydration Shampoo and Hydration Daily Conditioner protects hair from dryness, delivering a dose of hydration that can last for 24 hours.
  • NEW CLEAR SCALP & HAIR Deep Hydrating Treatment Mask provides hydration in just three short minutes and is  great for healing dry, winter hair.

Brand Spotlight: Taya

Brand Spotlight: Taya on Belle Belle Beauty

This little indie brand really channels the rainforest into their hair products. Using the botanicals found in her native Venezuela, Patricia Velasquez was inspired by her Wayúu heritage. The Wayúu are an ancient and indigenous people of the La Guajira Peninsula straddling the Venezuela-Colombia border on the Caribbean Sea. Using these raw and unprocessed materials lends to unique results-oriented formulas.

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