Wednesday On The Web

by Lindsay on May 11, 2016

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Summer Wides on Belle Belle Beauty

Hope you guys are having a great week! Here are some favorites from around the web:

Kiehl’s Friends & Family is in full swing this week through 5/16. Get 20% off by using code FAMILY.

Adoring this dinosaur key chain…. channels my obsession as a child.

I absolutely love everything almond (especially L’OCCITANE’s collection) so I bookmarked this round up of favorites.

These homes with surprising interiors!

Such cheerful yellow shorts for summer.

I recently had a great experience with lash tinting – adore the glossarie’s raves about hers!

link here

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AQUA Carpatica

by Lindsay on May 10, 2016

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AQUA Carpatica on Belle Belle Beauty

The newest, edgiest trends in beauty come out of Asia these days (snail serum comes to mind – ew). Another more palatable trend is using water – specifically mineral water – in your skin care routine. Washing your face with sparkling water has been a hot trend for beauty aficionados in Japan and Korea for quite some time, and now it is picking up in the west.

First, a note about sparking water – it is my jam. So when the brand, AQUA Carpatica, reached out with an offer to give this new beauty trend out and try their unique sparkling water, I jumped. AQUA Carpatica has the only nitrate-free naturally sparkling mineral water. Nitrates are contaminates from septic tanks, fertilizer and erosion of natural deposits. This nitrate-free water is sourced in the Carpathian Mountains and is loaded with minerals. And it tastes so good! Crisp with smaller bubbles just like I like it.

AQUA Carpatica just landed in the US at Sprouts Farmers Market for those who want to give this water a whirl – either in their beauty routine or just to sip on! Note, when I used some to wash my face it was very cold, but refreshing and slightly foamy. The natural carbonation aids in exfoliation and oxygenation of the skin. If I didn’t love the taste so much, I would consider trying this splurge beauty step on my weekly self-facials.




Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizers

by Lindsay on May 6, 2016

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Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizers on Belle Belle Beauty

Admittedly, I meant to get this post up for Earth Day, but the month of April just slipped right by! Keep in mind the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizers‘ nod to a healthy Earth. Caudalie embraces the “1% For the Planet”movement; 1% of Caudalie’s word wide turnover goes toward ecological associations.

These pink shaded tubes cover moisturizing needs for those with oilier skin or those (like me) who need a rich and restorative formula. Each uses at least 92% natural ingredients including organic grape water, which soothes and hydrates. Vinolevure – a patented blend – helps reinforce immune defense.

  • The collection includes:
    Moisturizing Sorbet – A lightweight gel-cream with a water-like consistency that strengthens, moisturizes and soothes skin
  • Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid – Offers a blotting effect, reducing excess sebum and preventing its production while restoring skin’s moisture level
  • Moisture Recovery Cream – A smooth, comforting every day facial cream
  • Intense Moisture Rescue Cream – A rich, restorative facial cream, perfect for use at night

These are available at Sephora and Caudalie for $39.



Wednesday On The Web

by Lindsay on May 4, 2016

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Relaxed on Belle Belle Beauty

Filling my evenings lately with being a political junkie and man, this week was a doozy. One of my favorite things to do is to curl up with the pups, turn on the news and plink around on the web. I need to step up my game though. Belle Belle’s editorial calendar is packed! I might go back to four posts per week just to share all the new goodness in makeup and products. But my favorite post of the week is always sharing favorites from around the web:

I’ve been sleeping so well ever since I purchased this chic humidifier. I use lavender oil in it and it makes my cozy bedroom even more comfy.

Shopbop is having a surprise sale! Perfect timing to stock up on summer goodies. I adore this striped tee.

I just purchased this new goodie from RMS – review to come soon – love it so far!

Personality type as it relates to your career – scary accurate in my case.

This penmanship roundup is mesmerizing to gaze at!

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Lancôme ‘Juicy Shaker’ Bi-Phase Lip Oil

by Lindsay on May 2, 2016

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Lancôme 'Juicy Shaker' Bi-Phase Lip Oil on Belle Belle Beauty

I’ve already found my favorite summer lip color – and that is really an understatement – I am obsessed with this unique lip product. The addictive formula is powered with two phases of oil. The first is transparent and provides shine. The second is pigmented for a wash of color. The formula contains five kinds of oil: Peach kernal oil, a well-known emollient, softens lips; sweet almond oil conditions; apricot oil hydrates; cranberry oil provides rich antioxidant properties; and muscat rose oil, rich in essential fatty acids, soothes your lips.

Just make sure to shake the mix and tap the cushion onto lips. You can layer over liner or lipstick for a more pigmented look. It smells delicious, nourishes lips and gives the pout a youthful look. Available at Sephora and Nordstrom.



Wednesday On The Web

by Lindsay on April 27, 2016

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Work Wear on Belle Belle Beauty

The last couple of months, I have tried to elevate my work wear. I haven’t always been successful thanks to a bad alarm clock habit, but the days I do posh-up, I feel more professional and productive. This look above is my dream look – I like to use heels and a skirt to be feminine but polished. The project requires a little closet makeover but I think it is a valuable investment. Meanwhile, some other finds from around the web:

The science of a daily makeup bag.

Loved this inspirational 675 square foot apartment in Brooklyn.

Added these affordable Whole Foods snacks to my shopping list.

I have my eye on this Beauty Dust.

April shopping favorites:

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