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National Bubble Bath Day


Man, this week was long. But I was happy to peace out a little early today and enjoy an afternoon with the pups getting ready for some snow tonight. And I happen to have perfect timing because today is National Bubble Bath Day. Sadly, my apartment doesn’t have a bathtub, but frankly I prefer showers. And they are always accompanied by Neutrogena Rainbath. This week must be the week of “favorites” because Neutrogena also is hands down my favorite Shower Gel. Classic and just so good.

The scent is unique – very clean but somewhat woodsy. It manages to finish so fresh and is perfect for an AM wake up. The lather is substantial but doesn’t try out my skin. And somehow, my skin always manages to look hydrated and refreshed.

Xen-Tan® ‘Deep Bronze Luxe’ Premium Sunless Tan

Okay. I’ve made my point. I am over my pale skin. I need a shot of color desperately. I remembered my self-tanner from last summer and rescued it from under the sink this weekend.  I had forgotten how lovely the color is from Xen-Tan ‘Deep Bronze Luxe’. Over night, my legs and arms were gently tanned – not too brown and not too orange – a pretty olive undertone. There was zero streaking. The color of the tanner out of the tube can be a little shocking – a dark muddy green. But it blends in sheer.  And I actually like the fact there is some color to the cream because you are aware of where it is applied. It also contains shea butter, Vitamin E, green tea and antioxidants to smooth and hydrate.  And for the more adventurous of you, I also use this on my face. Downside: my foundation no longer matches. Upside: I don’t really feel like I need foundation! But here is the most important thing: make sure you get a tube with “Fresh Vanilla Scent”. It is really subtle and quite lovely.  I have another tube of the same tanner without the scent and it smells terrible. Happy Tanning!