COOLA® Suncare Mineral Liplux SPF 30

August 18, 2016 lips

I am absolutely bonkers about sun protection on my lips. So I am always in search of something that works well but also is pool appropriate. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (a favorite of mine) is only SPF 15 and sometimes is just too pigmented for hot, sticky weather. I have used their Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen SPF 30 […]

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Summer Sunscreens on FOX23’s Great Day Green Country

May 23, 2014 bath and body
Thumbnail image for Summer Sunscreens on FOX23’s Great Day Green Country

It is officially that time of year again. I haven’t quite ventured out to the pool, but I know this Memorial Day Weekend will require a couple hours lounging in the sun and a splash around. There is nothing more daunting than exposing pale winter skin to intense summer sun for the first time each […]

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COOLA Mineral Face Sunscreen

August 29, 2013 face
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I’ve found a new favorite face SPF in COOLA’s new mineral collection. They are formulated with my beloved physical sunblockers, yet have the most transparent application and beautiful finish! These three formulas are all slightly different, each suited for preferences and skin type. And I love that it is a feel-good product; all formulas are […]

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Five Late Summer Favorites

August 15, 2013 bath and body
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So, today marks the official back to school here in my city. Time to face the music and start thinking about prep for those cooler months ahead. I’m focusing on stretching out this tan, staying safe in the sun, repairing sun damage and nourishing my dried out hair. Among other things! Here are five favorites […]

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