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Brand Spotlight: M. Steves

January 29, 2014 skin-care
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While I love sharing new favorites from widely known brands, it is just as fun sharing products from indie lines that showcase hard work, unique perspectives and fabulous formulas. M. Steves came on my radar when I heard about the verve and drive of Mally Steves Chakola. She has developed a line of natural anti-aging […]

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Moroccanoil Pure Argan and Dry Body Oil

December 3, 2013 bath and body
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All sorts of good things are coming out from Moroccanoil these days. Remember this post featuring new goodies for fine hair? I remember first hearing the buzz that they were also launching body care items and I knew instantly it would be a hit. Body care and Argan oil have always been a match made […]

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mark Coconut Treat Collection

August 20, 2013 bath and body
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The last throws of summer call for something beachy. And so I am gobbling up the Coconut Treat collection from mark. I’ve already gotten tons of compliments on the scent (guys love it!). The blend is totally tropical with coconut water and mandarin layered with hazelnut and coconut cream. The culinary spiciness also makes it […]

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SIRCUIT® Skin Lavish™ | multi-use therapeutic dry oil GIVEAWAY!

May 2, 2012 bath and body
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I’ve always been a fan of using oil after a shower for hydrated and soft skin. I’ve used everything from good ole baby oil to almond oil from Whole Foods. But I was recently introduced to Lavish™ | multi-use therapeutic dry oil from SIRCUIT® Skin that took everything to a whole new level. First, a little about […]

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Favorite Serums

March 30, 2012 skin-care
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Serums are such an underrated skin care step. I can see why. With a cleanser, you get instant gratification of washing off the grim. Moisturizer’s hydration feels so good. And applying SPF is like giving yourself a pat on the back. But a recent experience reminded my how important these guys are. I was testing a […]

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