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Father’s Day Idea: Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap

Father's Day Idea: Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap on Belle Belle Beauty

This year is not the first time I’ve gifted Dad with the Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap
with Blue Lotus & Lava Rock. I hate to be repetitive but it is just such a hit every time. There is something guys love about that deep, exfoliating clean. And I can’t say I blame them. I am considering picking up a bar for myself!

This deep-cleansing bar removes build-up and can reveal healthier looking skin. Like their other Turbo products, the scent is revitalizing and masculine. While the lava rock exfoliates, Shea and Murumuru butters and hydrate and nourish skin.

Vegan and Cruelty-free. Available at Amazon.

Father’s Day – Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser Duo

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser Duo on Belle Belle Beauty

I already shared one Father’s Day idea with you guys, but this one merits a mention as well. Like I said in my last post, dad has really gotten into the skin care game – kind of amazing for a manly hunter type of guy. One thing he really enjoys is exfoliating, glycolic formulas – actually how I got him hooked in the first place.

So with that in mind, I cannot wait to give the Anthony Glycolic Cleanser Duo to him on the 19th! The set features two full size Glycolic Cleansers. The Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser deep cleans without stripping the skin, exfoliating and controlling breakouts. Glycolic Acid at 4.9% removes surface impurities while calendula, chamomile, and aloe vera nourish and soothe.

Available at Ulta.com.

Eau de Lacoste

Eau de Lacoste on Belle Belle Beauty

One last little Valentine’s idea from me today. While this isn’t necessarily glamorous or sexy, Eau de Lacoste is a little nostalgic for me. I had recently moved to Tulsa and received a package of fragrance to review. There were quite a few to try out, so I enlisted a new friend to help out. He wore Eau de Lacoste in Energetic Red until that little bottle ran out and it smelled so darn good. Sometimes fragrances are equally about memory and the way the notes develop on the wearer.

If you are on the hint for a classic, affordable and masculine scent, look no further than Lacoste. A triple blend of spices creates an energy accompanied by a refreshing blast of tea, mandarine and mango.

You can pick up a bottle at Macy’s or Amazon.

Men’s Starter Kit by Kiehl’s

Men's Starter Kit by Kiehl's on Belle Belle Beauty

I’m not much for Valentine’s Day being single and all. But I do love sharing ideas for gifting – especially men’s grooming products that will make him feel pampered, but still super masculine. I will be here all week with my favorites, but today’s set is first up because it is a real crowdpleaser.

The slick and sophisticated Men’s Starter Kit by Kiehl’s contains products that all have a masculine feel while still getting rave reviews from my tester (aka Dad). Inside you will find:

  • Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap (3.2 oz.): This sloughing soap is one of Dad’s favorite products he’s tried out for me. It leaves skin both clean and exfoliated.
  • Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment (2.5 oz.): This sits front and center on Dad’s desk and his go-to to cure dry, winter skin. The oil-free formula wakes up skin and enriches with vitamins.
  • White Eagle Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream (2.5 oz.): This shave cream contains menthol and camphor to sooth and heal skin.
  • Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash (1 oz.): I have worked this cleanser into my routine – the minty wash gets my skin clean with just a tiny, sudsy drop without leaving my skin tight (plus it smells super masculine which I love)
  • Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (2.5 oz.): My outdoorsman Dad needs a lot of moisture for his hands and this formula is heavy-duty and nourishing without much of scent nor a greasy feel.

Available at Keihls.com and Nordstrom. Made in the USA

Father’s Day – L’Occitane Cade Star Gift

Father's Day - L'Occitane Cade Star Gift on Belle Belle Beauty

Just a quick update today in honor of Dad’s Day this weekend. Thought I would pop in and share an idea for those guys we are celebrating this weekend including my favorite person in the entire world, Dad. While no one is more supportive of the blog, I am guessing he doesn’t check this spot regularly so I am going to share what he’s getting on Sunday.

Recently I covered some new releases from L’Occitane and you probably know it is a long-time staple brand here at Belle Belle Beauty. Their new-to-me collection, Cade, is made from Prickly juniper grown in Provençe. This masculine scent is the inspiration of a L’Occitane’s formula used in men’s skincare and shaving needs. I cracked the gift set I picked out for him and this scent is so beautiful but not too delicate and just subtle enough. I know their shower gels and soaps are amazing. And I can’t wait to report on Dad’s thought on the EDT.

The Cade Star Gift includes:

  • Cade Eau de Toilette 3.4 fl.oz
  • Cade Reinvigorating Shower Gel 3.4 fl.oz
  • L’Occitan Pebble Soap 3.5 .oz

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Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator Line and ‘Put Some Space On Your Face’ Social Media Contest

  Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator Line and 'Put Some Space On Your Face' Social Media Contest on Belle Belle Beauty

Probably one of the most unique contests I’ve ever heard of launched today on Kiehls.com. And it is happening in conjunction with the launch of Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator Line for men – something I am seriously excited about (and could be a perfect Father’s Day gift!).

First, a little about the new products: the products are specifically designed for those with oily skin. The products leave skin matte and can minimize the appearance of pores. Using the ingredient Aerolite (based on aerogel), which was developed for use in space exploration, a gel-like formula is created with a weightless feel on skin. Because of its unique properties (it can absorb four times its own weight in oil) it leaves skin oil free for a full 24 hours. The products include:

All three have a slight minty and masculine scent.  I love the rich later the face wash provides. The toner is great to refresh throughout the day. And the moisturizer hydrates with a feather-light texture.  My skin feels soft but not tight. These three are men’s products that I will be very reluctant to share!

Kiehl's ‘Put Some Space on Your Face’ contest on Belle Belle Beauty

So now that you have the whole regimen on your wish list… either for yourself or the man in your life, check out the ‘Put Some Space on Your Face’ contest. Starting today through 6/30, you can win the chance to send an image of your face into space! Just take a picture of yourself mid-air, hashtag it #SpaceFace and #Contest and post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Easy! If you are randomly selected to win, your face will be featured on a figurine attached to a shuttle and sent into the stratosphere.  Once the figurines all land, Kiehl’s will send them out to all the winners (in August) so they can proudly display their space-traveled action figures.

Kiehl's ‘Put Some Space on Your Face’ contest on Belle Belle Beauty

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