HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair

April 5, 2017 hair

I was facing a double duty beauty hazard: broken strands and destroyed nails. I had resorted to buns for most of the winter. And gel manicures too. Both of those habits leaves me with broken, weak hair and thin, damaged nails. I knew I needed a supplement and a break from beauty treatments to get back […]

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HUM Nutrition Runway Ready Supplements

September 25, 2015 bath and body

Between some travel and summer fun (plus pure laziness), I had fallen down on my vitamin routine. And my hair and nails were showing the damage. My locks were not quite as lustrous. And my nails, frankly, were weaker than their usual strong selves. So I incorporated HUM Nutrition’s Runway Ready formula along with a pre-natal […]

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Nails Inc + Victoria, Victoria Beckham

December 30, 2014 nails
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[maxbutton id=”1″] I have to admit this was a welcome blog break – sorry for my sudden disappearance. I was in a bit of a holiday funk. Don’t get me wrong – I had a lovely time with family. I just wasn’t as jazzed about sharing looks or routines. And having analyzed my 250-ish posts […]

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Holiday Gifting – NARS Vault

November 23, 2014 lips
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I figure we might as well start out Belle Belle’s holiday gifting series with a bang. I am absolutely lusting over this offering from NARS – perfect for the true beauty buff. And I have been meaning to share with you guys how much I love these two new formulas from the brand that both […]

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Probelle Touch N’ Grow Plus Nail Strengthener

July 14, 2014 nails
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I’m on this endless cycle of a couple gel manicures in a row followed by a break in which my nails heal themselves. While I don’t think gels are necessarily bad for your nails, for some reason, my nails become super weak after a couple gel manicures. It can be a necessary evil if you […]

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“Summer-ize” Your Makeup Routine On FOX23’s Great Day Green Country

June 6, 2014 eyes
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There are so many factors that play into changing up our makeup routine as the months warm up. Depending on where you live, humidity can play a huge factor. And to an even greater degree, lifestyle changes. We spend our summer evenings wearing breezy maxi dresses and a messy bun. This calls for a tone […]

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